david christian, architect

christian associates


After graduating from Texas Tech in 1970, I worked for Don Wexler and Hugh Kaptur for a few years before founding Christian Associates, a firm that over thirteen years grew to almost 30 employees. 

In the early eighties, the firm was doing a considerable amount of international work, much of it was in the Middle East. 



In 1989, I closed Christian Associates, largely because I found I was doing very little actual design work and was primarily just managing a large office. To me, that was no fun. 

For the next 25 years, I never had another large office, focusing on restaurants, residences and other design intensive projects. I also did a considerable amount of conceptual design work. 



Currently, I am largely retired from architecture to focus on other interests, many of which still involve various types of design. 

The nature of my personality is such that I will never really "retire", I am just changing my focus as life goes on. It is a fascinating and exciting world and I love exploring and experiencing what it has to offer. 


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